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How to store onion

how to store onion

The onion is a necessary ingredient for any kitchen and there is no one in this world can do recipes without it, and we all know the reason why. But sometimes and for many reasons, you will need to store onion. Stay with me here to know how to store onion and keep it in a better condition for a long time as possible.

Onions can be exposed to many things, rotting, sprouting, getting wilt, etc… But the first thing you have to do is you have to verify onions in the store. Maybe there some onion heads are wilted or rotted, especially if you want to buy a big amount. This way will gain some time with it.

What are the best conditions to store onions?

After you buy the onion, there are some conditions you have to think about. You have to keep the onion in a dry place and far away from the light, because humidity and light help the onion to get moldy and will get sprouted.

Another thing, it is better if you put the onion in a basket or maybe a plastic tray with holes. This way allows air for getting inside and keeps onion fresh for more time.

If you want to use onion within a day or two, you can keep onion just in the fridge or may on a counter, because onion will not change in this short time. But of course, you have to check if the onion is new when you buy it from the store.

So with all these conditions, in my opinion, the basement is the best place for storing the onion, but you have to put it in a basket or a plastic tray with holes as we said before.

should you refrigerate onions?

The fridge has humidity inside of it, so this is not good for onions, but if you don’t have another place to store it, you can do some tips to gain more time.

First, it is better to keep onion one piece and not chopped or something else, because the onion peel prevents humidity from getting inside.

The second thing, if you chopped the onion into little slices you have to put it in the refrigerator in an airtight container—preferably a glass one.

Can onions be frozen?

If you want to save onions for 6 months, freeze them. If you cut the onion into slices and put it in a closed plastic bag then freeze it, but be careful you can only use this onion for cooking.

Another thing, you can’t use this way with onion heads just for the cut once.

Can I store cooked onions?

The answer is yes. Usually, if you cooked onion and stay some of it you can freeze it or just put it in the fridge. This will make it more delicious, but be careful don’t keep it for more than 2 or 3 days.

Is pickling onion keep it good?

To pickle onion, you have to cut it into slices then put it inside a glass jar, not plastic, then add salt and vinegar to it. This way is also effective to keep onions good for at least 3 weeks.

Are all the types of onions the same in storing?

There are many types of onions, white, red, shallots, etc… You can use all the same tips above for storing onion with every type you want.

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