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Burger potato recipe

burger potato recipe pinit

burger potato recipe As a fan of scalloped potatoes is the supper for you! It’s simple and tasty! If you’re looking for a wonderful supper idea, this is it!

Casserole of burger potato recipes

I’ve always been a fan of scalloped potatoes, but the addition of ground beef elevates this dish to a new level. You may now offer it as a main course instead of only as a side dish.

The thyme flavor is very evident, and the creamy sauce that coats the dish is exactly perfect. This sliced potato dish is loaded with cheesy pleasure in every mouthful (just the way I like it).

Even though it takes some time to prepare, the final product is well worth the wait and the effort. My whole family scarfed down every last morsel of food on their plates, which is a rare occurrence some evenings!

burger potato recipe Ingredients

This recipe calls for cream of mushroom soup, but because we’re omitting it, we’ll need to prepare our own from scratch. Use lean ground beef, onion, and garlic in place of fat in this dish. Use russet potatoes and sharp cheddar cheese in place of sharp swiss cheese in this recipe (you could also use parmesan or Colby-Jack if you prefer).

burger potato recipe Casserole: A Step-by-Step Recipe

To begin, preheat the oven to 350°F. To begin, brown the burger meat and sauté the onions while the oven warms up. (For a complete set of printable directions, see the recipe card that follows.)

Make a roux by melting the butter in a pan, then adding the garlic, and then whisking in the flour until it resembles a thick paste

Add a little amount of milk and chicken broth at a time while whisking. Stir in the spices after the sauce has reached the desired consistency.

Allow the sauce to thicken for a minute after adding part of the cheese.

Start by slicing the potatoes and then topping them with the sauce.

Make a third layer of potatoes, topped with cheesy sauce and ground meat.

Immediately after you’ve done stacking the casserole, top it with the rest of the cheese and bake. Broil it until it’s hot, bubbling, and browned after it’s baked. If you have any questions or concerns about how to make this dish, please refer to the recipe card below.

Is Peeling the Potatoes Necessary?

Potatoes unpeeled are my preference, but this kind of layered potato casserole, which uses peeled potatoes, is more common in older homes and kitchens. If you prefer recipes like scalloped potatoes or potatoes au gratin with peeled potatoes, peel your potatoes before slicing them in this recipe.

When and How to Serve burger potato recipe

You may serve this hearty recipe as a main course, or serve it as a side dish over the holidays. A basic Tomato Cucumber Salad or a Broccoli Cranberry Salad may be served as a side dish if you’re having it for dinner on a weekday. About the meat use whatever you want, go and make it a perfect holiday.

Dishes Using Beef

For more meat recipes, be sure to check out our beef area! Among the most popular choices of our readers, we’ve noticed:

The BEST Casserole of burger and Potatoes recipe

Make this quick burger potato casserole if you’re a fan of scalloped potatoes! It raises the bar for meat and potatoes!

The preparation time is 10 minutes.

1 hour and 30 minutes of cooking time

Adding 15 minutes to your current time is permitted.

1 hour and 55 minutes in total.

Burger potato recipe

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 75 min Rest Time 10 min Total Time 1 hr 35 mins
Servings: 2
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


burger potato recipe As a fan of scalloped potatoes is the supper for you! It's simple and tasty! If you're looking for a wonderful supper idea, this is it!



Grain-Fed Beef

    • Assemble your ingredients and preheat your oven to 350°F (176 C).
    • Ground beef and onion should be cooked until no longer pink in a large nonstick pan over medium heat (about 10 minutes). Remove the meat from the pan, discard any remaining oil, and wipe the skillet clean.


    • Put the skillet back on the burner and melt the butter in it. To begin, heat the butter in the pan, then add the garlic and cook for approximately 2 minutes (or until the garlic is fragrant).
    • Reduce the heat to medium and add the flour, whisking constantly (mix until the flour and butter have combined and reached an even texture). Using a large bowl (or large liquid measuring cup), combine the milk and chicken broth, and then whisk in approximately 1/3 cup of the liquid at a time into the butter and flour roux, mixing well after each addition. Make sure to stir the sauce between each addition of liquid until it reaches the desired consistency. Continue stirring until the sauce is smooth and creamy, and the liquid has been mixed completely.
    • The parsley, thyme, salt, and pepper should be whisked into the sauce after all the liquid has been poured and it has become smooth. Stir in 1 cup of the shredded cheese after the sauce has come to a gentle boil over medium-high heat for approximately 1 minute to thicken.


    • Grease a 13-by-9-inch casserole dish with cooking spray and arrange a third of the potatoes in the bottom of the pan. The potatoes should be seasoned with salt and pepper, then 1/3 of the sauce and 1/3 of the ground beef should be distributed equally over the potatoes.
    • To make three layers, repeat this procedure a total of twice more. Top with the remaining shredded cheese. Make sure the aluminium foil isn't touching the dish so that the cheese doesn't adhere to it and bake it for an hour.
    • Remove the dish from the oven and bake for an additional 15 minutes after the first hour. Three to four minutes under the broiler should be sufficient to complete the cooking process (or until the cheese is bubbling and golden brown in some areas).
    • Before serving, take the casserole from the oven and allow it to cool down for 15 minutes.


  • The potatoes should be cut into rounds about 1/4" thick and kept immersed in water until you are ready to make the casserole. There should be around 8-9 medium-sized potatoes in this amount.

  • A lot of people love potato meals like this one with peeled potatoes, but I prefer them unpeeled. If you prefer recipes like scalloped potatoes or potatoes au gratin with peeled potatoes, peel your potatoes before slicing them in this recipe.
  • Using a big liquid measuring cup, I poured the sauce from the pan into a casserole dish.
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