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rice with spinach

rice with spinach pinit

In this huge world, rice is one of the meals that people consume a lot. With rice actually, you can make many different dishes. For example, Mandi that we talked about previously made also with rice, Classic rice pudding, Sushi rice, etc… In this article, we will talk about another recipe that makes also with rice and that recipe is rice with spinach for vegans.

Rice with spinach is one of the healthy food and useful to the human body. The reason for that is the benefit of rice besides spinach which is rich in antioxidant minerals such as potassium and calcium. So they have an important role in the prevention of bone diseases.

In addition, spinach is rich in vitamins as three cups from it provides 340% of the human body’s needs from vitamin K which helps in blood clotting. Also, it reduces the risk of severe bleeding after an injury.

Vegan people love this meal because it is very easy to make only at home and not expensive at all. Stay with me to learn how to do spinach rice the right way. Enjoy!!!

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Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 25 min Total Time 40 mins
Servings: 2


rice with spinach is a healthy meal that you can made easily at home only in about 30 minutes



  1. In the beginning, you have to prepare all the ingredients above, wash the rice well and drain it. cut the onion to little pieces.

  2. Here bring a large pot, pour the olive oil inside and set the stove on a medium heat. Then add the onion to the pot and flip it over well until it get shriveled.

  3. Next, add the rice to the pot with spinach and again flip them over well, after that you can add all the previous chillies dill, salt, garlic powder and the black pepper and continue the flipping for few minutes.

  4. After that, melt the vegetable broth cube in another pot with the hot water. After the cube melted pour the mix on the large pot with rice and spinach. Flip all the ingredients well and cover the pot. Put it on a little heat for 20 minutes.

  5. Finally, after the mentioned time has elapsed, the rice will be completely cooked and fluffy. Serve it hot of course after adding lemon juice to it. and with this, our recipe rice with spinach will be done. Cheers!!!

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