Roselle tea

Roselle tea
Cooking Method
Difficulty Beginner
Prep Time: 5 min Cook Time: 5 min Rest Time: 5 min Total Time: 15 mins
Servings 1
Best Season Suitable throughout the year
  • 1 teaspoon Roselle powder
  • 4 cups Water
  • Suger or honey
  1. First, you need to plug the flowers from the tree.

  2. Second, clean it well and remove the seeds then let it dry under sunlight for about 10 days until you see that you can grind it easily.

  3. Third, grind the dry flowers with the grinder machine until you get a powder. You can skip all the previous steps and buy the Roselle powder from stores.

  4. Next, in a saucepan on medium heat, add 1 teaspoon of Roselle powder and 4 cups of water. let it boil for about 5 minutes.

  5. Finally, use a strainer to filter the drink then add sugar or honey. Actually, you can add whatever you want. Cheers!!!